Why Market Online?

“Why setting up an online store? Why promoting my products over the internet? I only live in a small little town and how many people really use internet?  How many people really buy online… so on and so forth”

The above are the most common questions among peoples in Malaysia or probably in  South East Asia who plan to open up an online store or who already have some sort of business established in the local area.

I have to agree, internet connections or broadband might not be freely available to every household in South East Asia and the connection speeds is probably below average in some areas. Not everyone in the household is computer savvy and many refuse or lack of confident to buy things online. But all these should not be the reasons why we are not moving our business ahead and have an online store to attract more customers from around the world.

I remember once I read a book on marketing. The author pointed out that, due to competitiveness and peer pressure in the business world, today if we open up a store in our town, we probably manage to attract buyers who lives 5 kilometres radius from our store.

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