Google Webmaster Tool for Beginners – Tutorial 1

Intro to Webmaster Central

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As a webmaster, we probably have a lot to keep in mind. Google Webmaster Central helps us to troubleshoot problems, make our site stronger and provide a platform for us to learn from other webmasters around the world. It’s all FREE. 

The first very useful tool we should have is the Google Webmaster Tool. It probably takes few minutes to sign up and you can:

  1. Get Google to view and diagnose your website for potential problems
  2. See how your site is performing and which queries/keywords drive traffic to your site
  3. Share info with Google to help Google crawler understand our site better by submitting an XML Sitemap

Note: Google Webmaster Tools don’t just show us information but it enables us to take action.

Find out more by watching this video:


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