5 Easy Tips and Tricks to Successful Twitter Microblogging

Many of us might be wondering how Twitter works and why it’s so powerful? In this post, I would like to discuss the tips and tricks on how to successfully use this microblogging tool.

1. Link Twitter to Facebook
Simply download the twitter app at http://apps.facebook.com/twitter and link it to your twitter account. This will definitely save the hassle of logging into both websites just to update your current status.

2. Connect Blog to Twitter
Free weblog site such as WordPress allows our recent post to be published on Twitter or Facebook with a direct link to our ‘post’. Cool thing is our link will be automatically shorten to fit into 140 characters limit.

3. Hashtags
It will be much easier for our readers to follow our post when we use #TwitterTips for an example. Basically hashtags (#) allow us to index or categorise our tweets for better visibility and search.

4. Follow to be followed.
If you’re interested in iPhone4, why not follow people who follow #iPhone4? You will be surprise after few days, you’ll get many followers and meet new people with same interests!

5. ReTweet (RT)
RT is the best way of passing on an important or incredible message down to our followers. RT can separate the news really fast and generate massive impact on the issues. For an example, if someone met an alien on the street and tweet his location – and within seconds the news will be heard by all his followers and if 20% of his follower starting to retweet his post, it will reach thousands of peoples within minutes.

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