Integrate Payment Gateway to our Website

How to use Online Payment Gateway?

Paypal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through internet. It is a safer, faster and more secure way to pay online – it works seemlessly with our existing credit card and current account.

At this workshop, you’ll find out how to use Paypal to get a head start on managing your online store.

Online Payment Gateway Tutorial includes:-

  1. Introduction to Paypal and it’s benefits
  2. Learn how to setup Paypal account for Business
  3. Transaction fees for Malaysian or ASEAN countries
  4. Learn how to access your funds
  5. Learn how to withdraw Paypal funds to your local bank account


  • Discussion on how to use other online payment gateway such as Maybank, Worldpay and Google Checkout

Workshop Details

Type: Tailored and one-to-one training
Duration: Minimum 4 hours
Level : All levels


  1. £20/MYR 100 (online via eLearning portal and web conferencing)
  2. £50/MYR 250 (face-to-face)

Available Dates: on going

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