cPanel Workshop

How to use cPanel to better manage your site?

At this workshop, you’ll find out how to use c-Panel services to get a head start on managing your website, email, databases, etc.

This session will include a demonstration of what you can achieve with the functionalities provided by your hosting provider and look at the importance of ready made tools in cPanel to effectively managing your hosting account.

cPanel Workshop includes detailed instructions about:

Setting Preferences in cPanel
The style of cPanel can be modified to enter contact details and learn how to you the built-in Getting Started Wizard and Video Tutorials.

Managing Mail services and eMail accounts with cPanel
You will learn how to use eMail Manager to create personalised email account with your registered domain name, how to remove accounts and how to do email forwarding to another email account/domain.

File Manager and FTP Service
You will learn how to use the built-in File Manager in cPanel to upload and organise files. We will also discuss how to enable FTP service for your hosting account and how to use FTP clients to upload/manage files from your desktop.

Configuring Security Setting
In this part of tutorial, you will learn how to adjust security level in cPanel. You’ll learn how to  password protect your directories and how to use the IP Deny manager.

Managing Domain name, parked domains and addon domains
You will learn how to configure primary domain name, parked domains and addon domains for your hosting account.

Managing mySQL Database via cPanel
We will provide detailed information on how to manage your mySQL databases via cPanel.

Using tools and scripting
This part of the tutorial provides more information on how to install different scritps under your account and how to list the current PHP configuration of your hosting server.

Using Advanced tools
Learn how to use advanced tool such as Cron Jobs and how to change the PHP version for your website.

Backup and Recovery
Learn how to create a backup of your entire site and restore it using cPanel.

Checking cPanel ports
Learn how to check whether the standard cPanel ports are not blocked by your Firewall or if any access being restricted by your ISP.

DNS Zone Editors
This part of the tutorial describes in details how to use cPanel DNS Zone Edit Tools for your hosting account.

Workshop Details

Type: Tailored and one-to-one training
Duration: Minimum 4 hours
Level : All levels

  1. £50/MYR 250 (online via eLearning portal and web conferencing)
  2. £100/MYR 500 (face-to-face)

Available Dates: on going

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