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Can We Make Money By Blogging?

I recently had a chat with my mate from Toronto who has just started out with making money from blogging. He argued blogging is a get-rich-quick scheme. He shared with me few ‘secrets’ of how to do it right. But, is it really true that blogging is a ‘skim cepat kaya’??? In my opinion, It is NOT.

In reality, almost everyone should forget about making money directly from blogging. It’s so unlikely we will get rich by blogging. So why are we blogging anyway? Blogging is a great career tool for creating opportunities for ourself. Here are few reasons we should stop thinking about money from blogging:

Fake Steve Jobs
Dan Lyons the senior editor at Forbes magazine and is now a writer at Newsweek writes ‘The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs’ – a popular blog and parody of Apple CEO Steve Jobs under the pseudonym Fake Steve Jobs (Wikipedia, 2011). His actual identify was revealed in the New York Times and inviting more than half million people to his site in a single day. But it’s just about BIG TRAFFIC BUT NO MONEY. Guess what? For the entire month, he only made $1039.81 in AdSense.

“I learned the hard way: while blogs can do many wonderful things, making huge amounts of money isn’t one of them.” – Dan Lyons

Banner Advertising
I wouldn’t want to encourage you guys to put banner on your weblog. I have not had any banner on my site simply because I hate banner ads and I hate mandatory popup even more. To be honest: the amount the advertiser paid for the ad is just too little. Probably you will get 1-3 pennies for each click and if you do not have thousands of visitors you will end up getting few quid at the end of the month.

Advertising usually works best when the reader is coming to the site to find out a solution to a problem. If your ad present a relevant solution to their problem the add can be effective!

So the idea that blogging will help us get rich: Forget it. If Fake Steve Jobs can’t monetise a blog, the rest of us are doomed right? So, chances of getting rich from blogging are so slim, while our chances of gaining the other benefits of blogging are very high. So blog, yes, and do it to reach real goals, just not financial goals.

How to Boost our Search Engine Ranking – Part 3



In my last post I have discussed about the important of using ‘Social Media’ to drive traffics to our site.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the paid strategies such as using Google AdWords campaign. Google AdWords is a pay per click (PPC) advertising. What does it mean? Literally, you pay a small fee to Google when someone clicks on one of your ads that shows up on the ‘Sponsored Links’ section of the Google results page. You may prefer to focus on boosting your natural search results for free with SEO. But if you have a budget, sometime trying a paid strategies even if only for short periods of time, can catapult you to success online faster – especially when you first launch your website and have no traffic or when you launch a new product or service that you want to raise awareness.

Please remember, both free and paid strategies work and they both work effectively. The only difference is speed.

Please remember, both free and paid strategies work and they both work effectively. The only difference is speed.