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How to Find the Best Keywords for Your website – Part 1


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Do you know how much traffic you’re losing simply because you haven’t discovered some surprising and powerful keywords? 

Finding the obvious keywords for our website is simple and finding related high-demand keywords isn’t too hard when you start using my strategies. But the real challenge is to research those keywords you would never think of and they are really SURPRISING which have the potential to drive hundrends of thousands of new visitors to your site?

In the next few articles, I will help you to : 

  • generate relevant keywords to improve your organic and page per click campaigns
  • optimise your web content by using the most popular keywords for your product and services
  • find niche opportunities and explore the potential before your competitors.

Twitter for Business Lesson 3 – Best Practice

In this lesson, I would like to share with you some of the best practices recommended by Twitter for business users which can help you to build your following, reputation, and customer’s trust:

  1. Share. Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Even better, give a glimpse of developing projects and events. Users come to Twitter to get and share the latest, so give it to them!
  2. Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products.
  3. Ask. Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.
  4. Respond. Respond to compliments and feedback in real time
  5. Reward. Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.
  6. Demonstrate wider leadership and know-how. Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.
  7. Champion your stakeholders. Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.
  8. Establish the right voice. Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet. How do you want your business to appear to the Twitter community?


Twitter Best Practice

In order to automate some of the above tasks, Twitter has numerous web, desktop and handheld device applications. The real challenge is there are so many websites advertising free and paid tools on the internet. Which one to use?

For beginners, I highly recommend you use TweetDeck. TweetDeck is mostly used among Twitter users for tweeting both from desktop and iPhone. I personally love TweetDeck as it allows me to manage multiple Twitter accounts, organise my tweet activities into groups and most importantly it has an app for my iPhone. With TweetDeck on iPhone, we can tweet and stay connected anytime, anywhere no matter where we are.

In the next Lesson we’re going to look at some of the Best Twitter tools. It is important for us to understand the differences between these tools and help us to ensure that we are using the right tool for the right job.

2 – How to Sign-up Twitter