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Can website gives us a job?

At school we were told we really need to market ourselves to our potential employers to win our dream job. I think the question we should all ask ourselves is…What have we got to sell? How do we market ourselves?

Kyle Clarke, 23, an unemployed graduate took the advice a step further when he created an entire online marketing campaign to advertise his services across the world.  Klye, the former Newcastle University student knew he needed to come out with something that totally made him to stand out from the cloud. Soon he made his own promotional website – http://www.employkyle.com to auction himself online.

During interview, Kyle admitted he wasn’t 100 per cent sure what career he would like to get into but he hoped that by generating interest from potential employers, he could find the perfect role.

After 63 days and 452 tweets, Kyle’s website attracted more than 4000 visitors from 80 countries – leading to 15 jobs offers and 1 new boss. He has now taken a role with Knowledge Lab, a product development group based in US and London.

I strongly agreed with Tristan Alltimes from Newcastle University Business School that young graduate must have the right mindset, enthusiasm and entrepreneurialism.

Together we can make a big impression!

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Tip #2 – Find a need in a niche and fill it.

If you subscribe to forums, Facebook, Twitter or any other online social media sites, you may aware people are complaining that they can’t find certain things online eg spare parts for their car or they might have missed out their favorite concert because they can’t get the tickets or someone is looking for antique stuff for their dad’s birthday… and so on and so forth.

Your role is to analyse all the needs and be the middleman who help all these buyers to fulfill their dreams and get paid. How would you get paid? Good question! You could simply charge for the service or you could resell the item at higher prices.