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Tip #4 – Sell your best photos online

Do you like photography as a hobby? Limited budget to upgrade your Digital SLR Camera or buying new lens? Try ‘upload’ your best photos to Microstock photography websites !!!

What is Microstock Photography?

Microstock Photography is relatively new and one of the common names given to the low-priced loyalty free stock photo industry. In the past, getting into a high-profile stock photography agency was very tough and usually they will limit who could sell through them and what they could sell. With Microstock agencies, any amateur photographers and hobbyist can submit their great pictures to make a good income. Who knows, that one picture you submitted can continue earning you money month after month and sometimes year after year. To find out more, please visit http://www.microstockphotography.com/.

Make your creativity shine and get paid each time that your work is downloaded.


Tip #3 – Be a researcher

It may surprise some of us, people willing to pay someone to go research an answer to questions they don’t have time to answer themselves. Like, “How to choose a smartphone?” or “How to apply to UK universities?” or “How to travel and backpack Thailand on a Budget?” so on and so forth…

Where Shall We Begin? Where to look for places where people pay for answers? My suggestion is start to join mailing list or internet forum. Listen to what people are discussing in Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and see if anything you could do.
Checkout some of the fee-based ‘knowledge market’ or Q&A website:

  1. Expert-Exchange – a marketplace where buyers could offer payment to have their questions answered.
  2. NineSigma and Innocentive – Firms post scientific problems and a choose reward.
  3. Uclue – is a fee-based research service staffed by former Google Answers Researchers.
  4. Mahalo Answers – users may ask questions for free or provide a monetary reward.

Free Knowledge Market website (often limiting the quality of the answers):

  1. Yahoo Answers
  2. Windows Live QnA
  3. Ask Metafilter
  4. Wikipedia Reference Desk
  5. Stack Overflow
  6. Vark.com
  7. 3form Free Knowledge Exchange
  8. Knowledge iN
  9. Prepare 4 interview