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How to Find the Best Keywords for Your website – Part 1


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Do you know how much traffic you’re losing simply because you haven’t discovered some surprising and powerful keywords? 

Finding the obvious keywords for our website is simple and finding related high-demand keywords isn’t too hard when you start using my strategies. But the real challenge is to research those keywords you would never think of and they are really SURPRISING which have the potential to drive hundrends of thousands of new visitors to your site?

In the next few articles, I will help you to : 

  • generate relevant keywords to improve your organic and page per click campaigns
  • optimise your web content by using the most popular keywords for your product and services
  • find niche opportunities and explore the potential before your competitors.

Annoying Facebookers and Direct Sales

Every day more and more people are looking for alternative ways to make money. Many of us trying to generate second source of income by selling things online. And you probably aware, few of our Facebook friends actually see the potential of using social media such as Facebook to advertise their products. They  randomly ‘add friends’ and simply tag us on their product photos and hope we will order something from them!

How irritating !!! Do you get annoyed by these people? Does this strategy really work? What you can do?

  1. Remove yourself from the photo
  2. Report the photos/seller as SPAM !!!
  3. Delete the seller from your friend list

In my opinion, the seller should at least do some basic research or attend some courses and see how they can really sell professionally online despite not wanting to have a website. There are ways to sell using Facebook eg Pages, Group or by signing up to Facebook eCommerce solution.

To all seller out there, if you decide that Facebook is the tool for you, it’s important that you don’t become ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’ in your Facebook community.

Find out how to use websites, blogs, social networking and much more. How to successfully build your business credibility online? How to implement ethical marketing strategies? Speak to one of our consultant today or drop us a note.

“We help direct sellers to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase sales and recruiting”

Tip #3 – Be a researcher

It may surprise some of us, people willing to pay someone to go research an answer to questions they don’t have time to answer themselves. Like, “How to choose a smartphone?” or “How to apply to UK universities?” or “How to travel and backpack Thailand on a Budget?” so on and so forth…

Where Shall We Begin? Where to look for places where people pay for answers? My suggestion is start to join mailing list or internet forum. Listen to what people are discussing in Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in and see if anything you could do.
Checkout some of the fee-based ‘knowledge market’ or Q&A website:

  1. Expert-Exchange – a marketplace where buyers could offer payment to have their questions answered.
  2. NineSigma and Innocentive – Firms post scientific problems and a choose reward.
  3. Uclue – is a fee-based research service staffed by former Google Answers Researchers.
  4. Mahalo Answers – users may ask questions for free or provide a monetary reward.

Free Knowledge Market website (often limiting the quality of the answers):

  1. Yahoo Answers
  2. Windows Live QnA
  3. Ask Metafilter
  4. Wikipedia Reference Desk
  5. Stack Overflow
  6. Vark.com
  7. 3form Free Knowledge Exchange
  8. Knowledge iN
  9. Prepare 4 interview

Tip #2 – Find a need in a niche and fill it.

If you subscribe to forums, Facebook, Twitter or any other online social media sites, you may aware people are complaining that they can’t find certain things online eg spare parts for their car or they might have missed out their favorite concert because they can’t get the tickets or someone is looking for antique stuff for their dad’s birthday… and so on and so forth.

Your role is to analyse all the needs and be the middleman who help all these buyers to fulfill their dreams and get paid. How would you get paid? Good question! You could simply charge for the service or you could resell the item at higher prices.

101 ways to start online business in Malaysia

Recently, I met few forumers and they’re asking if I can share with them some ideas on how to make $$$ online. And I told them: “Why not?” All these information are freely available on the internet and we just need a bit of time to find them. I have done years of research and reading on the net and met few internet entrepreneurs to learn how they actually make money online, how they built their business up, etc.
In the next few articles, I will share with you ’10 ways to make $$$ online’. These carefully selected ideas contain very useful tips and tricks for young entrepreneur especially those who reside in Malaysia and South East Asia.

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Online Business – The Biggest Obstacle

online business challenges

What is the point in spending time and money into building an online store if no one will bother to visit our website? 95% of the people who try to build an online business struggle because they simply don’t understand how to drive enough traffic to their sites.

I was having an online tutorial last week with one of my student from Singapore and he told me by submitting our website URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo, our site will automatically show up on the search result. True very true !!! But my next question is how our website rank in Google Search and on which page it appears on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)? Probably no one will be able to answer!

What should we do now? Interested to find out more? Please read my other post on Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing.

Why online marketing works for business?

Online marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.  We probably need less resources and man power to lauch a marketing campaign.

Literally, there are more and more people getting online everyday especially the younger generation. The use of social media and online technologies in marketing will definitely help to promote our business to the next level.

Social media such as social networking, blogging and podcasting are personal media. You can use all these tools to get closer to your customers and allowing them to you better. Personalisation is extremely hard to be achieved by big corporation and you will definitely out-bid all of them.

There are many reasons why we should use social media to support our online marketing campaign: –

  1. Social media potentially drive high volume of traffic to your website if you get it right!
  2. Another way to connect with your customers. You will get visible to a new set of prospects
  3. Trust, trust, trust! People tend to buy from someone they know. Social media allows your customers to know you through your online presence.
  4. Communication and conversation. Social media allows two way communication. Your clients and customers can ask question, get feedback through your site.
  5. Offer valuable information. The biggest secret of online marketing is to giveout useful resources and information for free. If you are an expert in your field and provide useful content targeted at your niche, they will keep coming back to your site for more.
  6. Building powerful communities and relationships. Try to built a topic related to your business and you may be able to create a community around your business or product!
  7. Up-to-date information about your business. If your products do not meet your customers expectation and they commented it in social media – you might be the first one to know and able to react immediately before it’s too late!
  8. Building Customer database. Social media can be used to capture demographic data. Facebook and Twitter allow potential customers to be a ‘fan’ or ‘follower’.
  9. Market research. We can use social media to create an online questionnaire to find out what your customer want.
  10. Effective with low cost. Most of the social media tools are free. The only investment we need is ‘time’.