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Are you using location-based social media platforms?

Foursquare is a location based social network that incorporates gaming elements. Users share their location with friends by “checking in” via a smartphone app or by text message.

Millions of users turn to foursquare every day to help them find their friends, sharing their activities, earning badges and explore their world. If you’re Business owner, foursquare offers a unique way to stay engaged with your followers no matter where they are in the world. Forsquare offers a free set of tools to help you attract new customers and keep your best ones coming back.

So, wait no more! Why not try Foursquare today?

Tip #1 – Online Monitoring Service

Online forums, weblogs and Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikis are getting more and more popular. World-class brands and SME business owners are concern when someone talk bad about their products or services. Just imagine if their competitor manipulated their Wikipedia page or posted some negative comments on their forum or website – the management team would like to be the first one to be notified.

These sort of jobs are usually not advertised and almost available in any countries and any languages. If you are interested, you need to contact the business owner and discuss the service you could offer to their company.

Good luck!

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