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How to Boost our Search Engine Ranking – Part 3



In my last post I have discussed about the important of using ‘Social Media’ to drive traffics to our site.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the paid strategies such as using Google AdWords campaign. Google AdWords is a pay per click (PPC) advertising. What does it mean? Literally, you pay a small fee to Google when someone clicks on one of your ads that shows up on the ‘Sponsored Links’ section of the Google results page. You may prefer to focus on boosting your natural search results for free with SEO. But if you have a budget, sometime trying a paid strategies even if only for short periods of time, can catapult you to success online faster – especially when you first launch your website and have no traffic or when you launch a new product or service that you want to raise awareness.

Please remember, both free and paid strategies work and they both work effectively. The only difference is speed.

Please remember, both free and paid strategies work and they both work effectively. The only difference is speed.



How to Boost our Search Engine Ranking – Part 2




In my last post I have discussed about the important of creating great content that people will link to, providing comment on high-ranking blog sites and submitting contents to high-authority article sites such as Ezine. 

Today, I would like to share with you the important of using Social Media to increase your search engine placements. A blog is one of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings. Why? Blogs and blog posts are natually search engine friendly because they are simply text-rich, link-rich and they’re frequently updated webpages. If you follow some of our simple rules for SEO, your blog can rank much higher than your usual static website. I will discuss this more along with other best practices later on how to ‘optimise’ our blog site by using appropriate keywords, tags and backlinks.

Apart from Blogging, other high-ranking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr are equally important. For me, my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts are higher results for the search query ‘michael choong’ in Google than my weblog itself. So, why not create accounts on these sites for your business? 

Lastly, please do not underestimate the power of social networking to help you to be found – not just on social media sites themselves but within Google. Having a presence on social sites help people to find your business even if they do not use these sites themselves.

Top Social Networking Sites in INDONESIA (Jan10 to Jan11)

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

Top Social Networking Sites in MALAYSIA (Jan10 to Jan11)

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

StumbleUpon BEATS Facebook as TOP Social Media Site

Recent Statistic published by StatCounter GlobalStats showing StumbleUpon is now become the most popular social networking site in the United States.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

Internet marketeers, webmasters, developers – what does this statistic means to you?

Top 7 Social Media Sites in Asia from Jan 2010 to Jan 2011

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

Facebook Friendship Map

The other day when I was on the train to work, I read an article published by Metro ‘”Facebook friendships around the world highlighted in stunning map‘ and I thought of sharing this with you guys.

An intern on Facebook’s data infrastructure engineering team, Paul Butler, was interested to find out the locations of friendships around the globe. He started by using a sample of 10million pairs of friends and combined those data with each user’s current city and summed the number of friends between each pair of cities and then mapped that data using the longitude and latitude of each city.

This is what the Facebook world looks like in social graph. Amazing, isn’t it?

It won’t be surprise, the US has the highest concentration of Facebook friendships and Africa the lowest. Facebook was banned in China and Russia’s no 1 social network is “Vkontakte”.
Now, let’s look at South East Asia. What’s it mean to you?

Why online marketing works for business?

Online marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.  We probably need less resources and man power to lauch a marketing campaign.

Literally, there are more and more people getting online everyday especially the younger generation. The use of social media and online technologies in marketing will definitely help to promote our business to the next level.

Social media such as social networking, blogging and podcasting are personal media. You can use all these tools to get closer to your customers and allowing them to you better. Personalisation is extremely hard to be achieved by big corporation and you will definitely out-bid all of them.

There are many reasons why we should use social media to support our online marketing campaign: –

  1. Social media potentially drive high volume of traffic to your website if you get it right!
  2. Another way to connect with your customers. You will get visible to a new set of prospects
  3. Trust, trust, trust! People tend to buy from someone they know. Social media allows your customers to know you through your online presence.
  4. Communication and conversation. Social media allows two way communication. Your clients and customers can ask question, get feedback through your site.
  5. Offer valuable information. The biggest secret of online marketing is to giveout useful resources and information for free. If you are an expert in your field and provide useful content targeted at your niche, they will keep coming back to your site for more.
  6. Building powerful communities and relationships. Try to built a topic related to your business and you may be able to create a community around your business or product!
  7. Up-to-date information about your business. If your products do not meet your customers expectation and they commented it in social media – you might be the first one to know and able to react immediately before it’s too late!
  8. Building Customer database. Social media can be used to capture demographic data. Facebook and Twitter allow potential customers to be a ‘fan’ or ‘follower’.
  9. Market research. We can use social media to create an online questionnaire to find out what your customer want.
  10. Effective with low cost. Most of the social media tools are free. The only investment we need is ‘time’.

How to Boost your search engine rankings?

Many of us must have spent a lot of time and effort to develop our website, let it for business or personal use.  We invested heavily on the ‘look and feel’ by engaging qualified web developers/designers and hoping the site will attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

In actual fact, most of the website that launched on the internet will hardly be noticed by anyone at all. In April 2010, Netcraft web server survey found there were 205,368,103 websites around the world – and counting (see below statistic published by Netcraft).

Total Sites Across All Domains
August 1995 – April 2010


Website is IMPORTANT !!! Without a website, we don’t exist on the internet. But with the presence of website on the internet is not enough. We need to have a good strategy in order for us to be found by the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask. As we may already aware, Google is the largest search engine in the world and almost 70% of the searches were performed using this search engine. Apart from Google, internet users may also seek information or perform searches via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites they might or have already engage in. Social bookmarking such as Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon also play an important role in helping users to find what they are looking for online.

  1. What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
  2. How search engine marketing works?
  3. Why search engine marketing benefits our business?