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AFF Suzuki Cup TOP 3 On Twitter Trends Last Week

Top Twitter Trends Last Week: 12/25 – 12/31

Christmas Christmas Christmas!!! Yes it’s all about ‘Christmas’ and it ranked no. 1 as Tweeter users around the world wished each other a “Merry Christmas”.

‘2010 Memories’ ranked No. 2 on last week chart as people tweeted their feelings about things happened in 2010.

AFF SUZUKI CUP – Does this sound familiar? Yeap, Malaysia Won The AFF Suzuki Cup Final With 4-2 Aggregate and declared ‘public holiday’ for the whole nation on New Year Eve.

Guess what? ‘AFF Suzuki Cup’ ranked No. 3 !!!

Firecrackers and alleged laser use throughout the game at Bukit Jalil has sparked heated discussion among social media fans. The amount of tweets generated a massive response from fans in Indonesia and around the world. Amazing, isn’t it? Therefore, please do not underestimate the power of social media tools such as Twitter!

For the full list of TOP Twitter trends, please see the chart below or visit ‘What The Trend‘ to find out more about past week’s trends.

Rank Topic Description Subtrends
#1 Christmas 2010 is coming to an end, so people tweeted their feelings about this
year’s events.
Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas Eve, #feliznavidad, Nochebuena, #thischristmas,
Christmass, NORAD, Hope Santa, Savior, Weihnachtsfest, Nataal, Querido Santa,
CHRISTMAS EVER, Christmas Eve, Ceia, ??????????, ???st???e??a, Midnight
Mass, Feiertage, Kerstdagen, Swiat, Christmas Eve Eve, Navida, Frohes Fest,
Track Santa, Scrooge, Wesolych Swiat, Fröhliche Weihnachten
#2 2010 Memories People are tweeting about what they prefer, a hashtag inspired (probably)
by the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.
#2010memories, #2010Was, #momentos2010
#3 AFF Suzuki Cup After a whirlwind of wild plays and rumors, the Malaysian team won over
Indonesia in the 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. Firecrackers and alleged laser use
made for interesting play, and an equally heated discussion among fans online.
Indonesian fans took out some of their anger on Nurdin Halid, Chairman of
the Indonesian Football Federation.
#loveindonesia, #garudafightsback, HATE MALAYSIA, #MalaysiaCheatLaser,
#stayherebachdim, Support Timnas, Indonesians, #thankyouriedl, Congratulation
Malaysia, Halid, Otw GBK, Support Garuda, Khairul Fahmi, NURDIN TURUN, Ahmad
Bustomi, USE LASER, CURANG, Malaysians, Lasers, Ipin, PSSI Pertahankan,
Safee, FIGHT WIN, Suyono, Upin, Provokator
#4 #iPrefer People are tweeting about what they prefer, a hashtag inspired (probably)
by the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc.
#5 Teena Marie R&B singer Teena Marie passed away at the age of 54. People celebrated
her life by remembering some of her most popular songs.
Teena Marie, Square Biz, Fire & Desire, Lovergirl, RIP Teena Marie,